The Jam Bourrée


Written in 2012 for a friend’s birthday ‘jamboree’ on the banks of the Thames in Oxford. The first five notes spell her name – Becca.

Hear it here, played with a traditional French bourrée, ‘Alfred Pommier’: Jam Bourree/Alfred Pommier


X:1 T:The Jam Bourree L:1/8 Q:1/4=120 M:2/4 I:linebreak $ K:C
“E” B2 e2 |”Am” c>c AE |”E” B^G Be |”Am” c2 A2 |”E” B2 e2 |”Am” c>c AB |”C” cB”E” A^G |
“Am” A2 E2 :|$”Am” A>B cA |”E7″ B>c dB |”C” cd ef |”E” e2 ag |”F” fe dc |”G” Bc de |
“Am” c2″E” B2 |1″Am” A2″E7″ E2 :|2″Am” A4 |]