Solar Palaver

solar palaver (2)

Written October 2015 when the installation of solar panels on our roof proved to be something of a palaver.

Hear it here: Solar Palaver


X:1 T:Solar Palaver C:Ed Pritchard L:1/8 Q:1/4=157 M:4/4 I:linebreak $ K:C
“E” E3 ^G B2 EG | BcBA B4 | E2 E^G B2 EG | BcB^G”Am” A4 |”E” E3 ^G B2 EG |$ BcBA B4 |
“Dm” AGFE DEFG | F2 ED”E” E4 :|[K:Dmin]”Gm” G3 B d2 d2 |”Cm” c2 Bc A2 BA |”Gm” G2 AB A2 G2 |$
“D” ^FGFE D2 D2 |”Gm” G^FGB d2 d2 |”Cm” cdcB A2 BA |”Gm” GABG”D” A2 ^F2 |1″Gm” G6 D2 :|2
“G” G2 z2″B” ^F2 z2 |]