Toss the Salad

toss the salad (2)

A tune written for the hammered dulcimer. The title refers to the fact that the hammers look a bit like salad servers.

Hear it here: Toss the Salad


X:1 T:Toss the Salad C: Ed Pritchard M:6/8 L:1/8 K: D

G, |: A,G,A, DFA | f2 e d2 A | BAB dcd | A2 G F2 G, |A,G,A, DFA | f2 e d2 A | B2 A Bec | (d3 d3) :||: cBc A2 g | f2 e def | g2 e f2 d | cBc ABc |dDF Ade | f2e d2 A | B2A Bec | (d3 d3) :|]