Down the Plughole

down the plughole (2)

A 48-bar jig that gets used in my ceilidh band. I wrote this tune in the bath, hence the title. The C tune is meant to suggest the water swirling down the plughole.

This can be played with Contraflow.

Hear it here: Contraflow/Down the Plughole


X:1 T:Down the Plughole C:Ed Pritchard L:1/8 Q:1/4=120 M:6/8 K:G
“G” G2 G dBA | G2 G GAB |”C” cBA e2 c |”D” A2 A ABc |”G” dge dcB |”Am” cBc ABc |$”G” G2 A BAG | “D” A2 A AGF :|”Em” E2 E B2 A | G2 G GFE |”D” D2 D A2 G | F2 F FED |”Em” EDE GFG |$ B2 B GAB | “C” cBA”G” BAG |1″D” A2 A AGF :|2″D” A3 A2 d ]|”Am” edc dcB |”F” ABc”Em” BAG |”Am” e3 A2 B | cBA”Em” E3 |”Am” edc dcB |”F” ABc”Em” BAG |”C” cBA”G” BAG |1″D” A2 A ABd :|2″D” A2 A AGF |]