contraflow (2)

Written in September 2014 during an extended period of roadworks on Oxford’s south-eastern bypass. The tune jogs along quite happily in the A tune, but then some annoyed ‘beep-beep’ noises can be heard in the B tune, followed by general mayhem in the C tune.

This tune can be played with Down the Plughole.

Hear it here: Contraflow/Down the Plughole


X:1 T:Contraflow C:Ed Pritchard L:1/8 Q:1/4=150 M:6/8 K:G
|:”G” dBG”D” ABG |”G” DED D2 D | DGB”Am” AGB |”D” A2 A ABc |”G” dBG”D” ABG |”G” DED D2 D | DGB”D” AGF |1″G” G2 G GBc :|2″G” (G3 G2) F ]|:”Em” E2 E EFG | B2 [Be] [Be]2 G | E2 E EFG | (B3 B2) B |”Am” cec A2 A |”G” BdB G2 G |[1″D” ABA AGF |”Em” (E3 E2) B :|2″B” F3″C” G3 | “C#” ^G3″D” A3 ]|:”Gm” _BAB cBc | d2 [_Bg] [Bg]2 d | _BAB cBc | (d3 d2) f | g3″F#m” ^c3 | “D” d3 A3 |1″Gm” _BcB A2 G |”D” d3 F3 :|2″Gm” _BcB”D” A2 F ||”G” (G3 G3) |]