pascharelle (2)

Written on the hurdy-gurdy and designed as a 50th birthday tune for myself. The title, a nod towards Ganivelle by Frederick Paris, refers to the fact that my birthday that year fell at Eastertide.

I like to follow this tune with Pipe and Slippers.

Hear it here: Pascharelle/Pipe and Slippers


X:1 T:Pascharelle C:Ed Pritchard L:1/4 M:4/4 Q:1/4=160 O:England K:Gm

D |: G/D/ B A ^F/G/ | B/A/ D2D | G/D/ B A ^F/G/ | A3 D |  G/D/ B A ^F/G/ | B/A/ D2D | G B A G/^F/ |[1 G3 D :|[2 G3 d ||: e/d/ c c B/c/ | d/B/ A2 B/A/ | G/A/B/c/ d c/B/ | A3d  | e/d/ c c B/c/ | d/B/ A2 D | G B A G/^F/ |[1 G3d :|[2 G4 |]